A jury trial in the United States District Court for the Central District of California earlier this summer resulted in a $5.4 million verdict against an employer who fired  a plant manager after he reported the CEO's sexual harassment of one of his employees.  When the plant manager learned that the company's CEO had allegedly hugged, kissed, and verbally harassed one of his plant administrators, he complained directly to the CEO, asking him to apologize.  The CEO went to the company's personnel department, which conducted an internal investigation finding that plaintiff had "improperly reported" the incident by directly approaching the CEO rather than going through proper HR channels.  The plaintiff was then fired by the company's operations manager, allegedly based on the content of the investigation report.  In a unanimous ruling, the jury awarded $418,771 in past and future lost wages, $1 million for past and future emotional distress and other economic loss, and $4 million in punitive damages.