Resolution No. 8 of 2018 came into force on 5 January 2018 and raised the minimum salary required for expatriates to obtain visas for their dependants.

By Zahir Qayum, Al Tamimi & Co

The minimum monthly salary required of the expatriate is now is BHD 400 (GBP 765), whereas prior to this change, the minimum salary required was BHD 200 (GBP 382).

Expatriates already sponsoring their dependants will not be affected immediately. As such, any current visas will not be affected by the change. However, the authorities will look at the sponsoring expatriate’s salary when their dependant’s visa comes up for renewal.


Employers should notify affected employees of the change in the minimum salary requirement for sponsorship of their dependants. Where employers will not be increasing the salary of employees to at least the minimum level required by the new rules, then employees that support the sponsorship of employee dependants should be given sufficient notice of this, to enable them to make alternative visa arrangements for their dependants, where this is possible.