On December 20, 2007, we reported that claims arising out of allegedly purposeful undercapitalization of a captive reinsurer survived a motion to dismiss. Since that time, the plaintiff (rehabilitator for Frontier Insurance Co.) moved for entry of a declaratory judgment and an award of compensatory damages plus prejudgment interest by default.

The Southern District of California concluded that plaintiff met the standards for entry of a default judgment, adequately alleged both an enforceable contract and a breach of contract by ASIL (the captive reinsurer), and that the default was not due to excusable neglect. ASIL indicated to Frontier that it would “allow judgment to be entered by default and pay all the available funds to Frontier.” The court granted the motion for entry of default and entered a judgment finding ASIL liable to plaintiff for $577,966.33 in compensatory damages and $91,511.33 in prejudgment interest (calculated at 10% per annum). Mills v. Ramona Tire, Inc., Case No. 07-0052 (USDC S.D. Cal., Sept. 23, 2008).