Jay Clayton was sworn in as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission last Thursday. He was nominated as chairman by President Donald Trump on January 20 and confirmed by the US Senate on May 2. During testimony before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs during March 2017, Mr. Clayton expressed concern that “our public capital markets are less attractive to business than in the past” and promised to pursue improvements to make them more attractive again. He also suggested that fining companies for law violations may unfairly penalize shareholders and that “individual accountability drives behavior more than corporate accountability.” (Click here for further details regarding Mr. Clayton’s testimony before the Senate Banking Committee in the article “SEC Chairman Nominee Urges Making US Capital Markets Great Again” in the March 26, 2017 edition of Bridging the Week.) Separately, the CFTC formally solicited public input on how to apply its existing rules, regulations and practices in a less onerous and costly way. This action is part of Project KISS – which stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid” – an initiative announced by Acting CFTC Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo during March 2017 to reduce regulatory burdens by applying existing regulations “in ways that are simpler, less burdensome and less of a drag on the American economy.” (Click here for background on Project Kiss in the article “CFTC Chairman Nominee Warns of Tough Love to Come: KISS But Also Aggressive and Assertive Enforcement” in the March 19, 2017 edition of Bridging the Week.) The CFTC will accept comments in response to this solicitation through September 30. The CFTC has established a specific portal on its website to accept KISS comments (click here to access the portal).