State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) indicated November 2 that it approved Guangdong Province to assume drug evaluation and approval responsibilities on a pilot basis. In accordance with Article 172 of the Measures for the Administration of Drug Registration, the Guangdong Food and Drug Administration is authorized to conduct evaluation and review for technology transfers relating to the new drugs and the drug manufacturing within Guangdong province. Then, the SFDA will issue drug approvals based on the review results made by the Guangdong Food and Drug Administration. The Guangdong FDA is also authorized to approve the applications for contract manufacturing of drugs (except biological products and traditional Chinese medicine injections) if the contractor is located within Guangdong province. But such approvals shall be filed with SFDA. The notice further stated that Guangdong local authorities shall develop their implementation rules in compliance with the existing drug registration laws and submit such implementation rules to SFDA for approval before they are adopted.