Law no. 140/2015 – Official Gazzete no. 174/2015, Series I of 07-09-2015

Approves the new Statute of the Association of Statutory Auditors, pursuant to Law no. 2/2013, of 10 January, which lays down the legal regime for the creation, organisation and operation of public professional associations.

Rectification no. 41-B/2015 – Official Gazzete no. 184/2015, 1st Supplement, Series I of 21.09.2015

Rectifies Ordinance no. 220/2015, of 24 July, of the Ministry of Finance, which a pproves the financial statement model for the different entities that apply the Accounting Standards System (SNC), published in Official Gazzete no. 143, Series I, of 24 July 2015.