Proposals to fight rampant auto insurance fraud in central and south Florida have emerged in the House and Senate. In the House, Rep. Mike Horner has filed H.B. 967, which revises the statutory schedule of charges for auto insurance personal injury protection (PIP) benefits, as well as caps the amount of attorney fees that may be recovered regarding a dispute over PIP benefits, among other changes. The companion in the Senate is S.B. 1694, sponsored by Sen. Garrett Richter. A more comprehensive proposal, H.B. 1411, has been filed by Rep. Jim Boyd. Rep. Boyd's proposal, among other provisions, expands the use of the “long form” crash reports for accident investigations, expands the authority of an insurer to investigate potentially fraudulent claims, and authorizes an insurer to provide a premium discount to policyholders who select a preferred provider organization for their PIP benefits. The companion in the Senate, S.B. 1930, is sponsored by Sen. Bogdanoff.