Media agencies are currently facing an uphill battle as they try to combat the negativity and cynicism surrounding digital agency practices and regain clients’ trust as more and more consumers are complaining of dodgy dealings including substantial overcharging for advertising inventory, secret settlements to avoid disclosure, and online ads placed with extremist propaganda videos.

London-based media agency the7stars are leading the way by adopting the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers’ (ISBA) template agency agreement which aims to create more open and transparent commercial relationships between clients and agencies. The terms cover digital problem areas such as click fraud and brand safety. ISBA has welcomed the move by the7stars, noting that it serves as “a hugely important first step in providing UK advertisers with the tools to enable the clean and transparent media supply chain.”

There is a feeling that change is in the air and we would expect more and more agencies to adopt the ISBA standard or a variation thereof to quell the mistrust felt by advertisers, and we may even see an increase in account moves as a result.