The UK Government has today announced the result of its consultation and technical review of the proposed changes to Section 72 of the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988 (CPDA). Section 72 currently enables organisations that do not charge for admission to show television programmes to the public without seeking permission from the owners of film and broadcast copyright in those programmes. Following the legal action brought by the Football Association Premier League (FAPL) which highlighted the use of unauthorised satellite decoders to show Premiere league football matches it became clear that there were questions as to the scope of the Section 72 provision. The subsequent Court of Appeal ruling found that Section 72 was incompatible with European Law as it allowed a lower level of protection to some film works than that which was given at an EU level. Following consultation, The Government has proposed to remove any reference to “film” from Section 72. In doing so it intends to simplify the exceptions granted by Section 72 and provide a level playing field for those premises which are authorised subscribers to commercial broadcasts by enabling rights holders to bring enforcement action more easily. The UK Intellectual Property Office is today inviting comment on the proposed changes to the CPDA and associated draft implanting regulation. More information can be found on the consultation here