IOSCO’s annual conference for 2016 focused on SME financing, investor protection and education, and the opportunities and challenges of FinTech. It also agreed:

  • an enhanced multilateral memorandum of understanding, including new powers for obtaining and sharing information;
  • to focus its asset management sector work on liquidity risk management and leverage, and on gaps in collection of appropriate data;
  • a report on audit committee oversight of auditors;
  • updates on central counterparty resilience and recovery, market conduct in wholesale markets and revisions to its objectives and principles of securities regulation and supporting methodology;
  • to carry out a review of industry practices on senior investor vulnerability;
  • to apply behavioural economics insights to investor programmes and initiatives;
  • to design a pilot IOSCO World Investor Week for 2017;
  • to set up a working group to consider issues relevant to market-based finance for infrastructure development;
  • the continued preparation of a report on how capital markets regulators can apply OECD corporate governance principles to ensure more resilient capital markets; and
  • to publish a consultation paper on corporate bond market liquidity.

(Source: IOSCO holds annual conference)