The Czech Supreme Administrative Court rejected an appeal by bakery companies Delta Pekarny, Penam and OK Rest against a cartel decision that imposed a fine of CZK 52.8 million for their participation in a cartel with the purpose of increasing prices, more than 15 years ago. The judgment also confirmed the legality of dawn raids that were subject to a human rights challenge.

This is one of the most complex competition cases in the Czech Republic, due to several court decisions, including the decision of European Court of Human Rights ("ECHR"). The case itself was closed in 2012, but had to be rolled out again due to a judgment by the ECHR. The ECHR stated that the Czech Republic has to ensure that undertakings subject to unannounced inspections have access to an effective judicial review of the legality of such investigations.

This Supreme Administrative Court confirmed that the inspections were legal, which should put an end to any disputes regarding this old case.