Voicing concern that cable subscribers nationwide “are getting less and being charged the same or more,” FCC Chairman Kevin Martin confirmed that the FCC is investigating the pricing policies of major cable operators, particularly with respect to the transfer of programming into digital tiers. The FCC’s probe was launched last Thursday with the mailing of letters to more than a dozen cable companies. Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, and Cablevision were among the cable firms to receive letters from the FCC, and sources report that Verizon Communications’ FiOS IPTV service is also under investigation. Asserting that the FCC has received numerous consumer complaints about the movement of analog cable channels to digital tiers, Martin said the recipients of the letters have been asked to provide information on (1) whether analog cable rates are reduced after channels are moved to digital tiers, (2) whether rates for digital tier subscribers are increased as analog channels are added to that tier, (3) whether analog customers must purchase digital set top boxes or buy digital tiers to maintain access to transitioned channels, and (4) the extent to which subscribers and local franchise authorities are notified about the migration of analog channels to digital tiers. Martin also added that the Consumers Union wrote to the Senate Commerce Committee last week to request a similar investigation.