EIOPA has announced that it will publish a Discussion Paper on infrastructure investments by insurers on Friday 27 March 2015.

The Discussion Paper will include EIOPA’s initial thinking on:

  • The definition of “infrastructure investments that offer predictable long-term cash-flows and whose risks can be properly identified, managed and monitored by insurers“;
  • The eligibility criteria for this “class of long-term lower risk infrastructure assets“;
  • The prudential treatment of these assets; and
  • The “effectiveness of the Solvency II risk management requirements in ensuring that the risks of this complex … asset class, are properly managed“.

The Discussion Paper will be used as a the basis for a consultation that will begin on 27 March and end on 26 April. EIOPA will use the consultation responses when it prepares its draft Advice to the Commission on these issues later in the year.