Illinois has now joined several other states in permitting online filing of limited liability company articles of organization and business corporation articles of incorporation. This procedure greatly improves the speed and assurance of filing. There are still some limitations to the online filing. For example, an LLC cannot have a delayed effective date, cannot have any purposes other than the general purpose clause, must have a perpetual existence and can only have one organizer. Most LLCs can meet these criteria. But a notable exception are special purpose LLCs which are created for a specific purpose (e.g., to hold a specific parcel of real estate). At this time, if the special purpose must be in the articles of organization, the LLC will not be able to use the online filing. For online filing of business corporation articles of incorporation, the corporation must have one class of common stock and must use the general purpose clause. In both cases, the Illinois Secretary of State will charge an additional fee for the online filing.