On 19 November, the UN Security Council’s Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee added Ansar Al Charia Derna and Ansar Al Charia Benghazi to its sanctions list.  Both entities have been involved in financing, supplying arms, assisting, planning and otherwise facilitating Al- Qaida and its activities.  In particular, both entities were implicated in the attack against the Consulate of the United States in Benghazi, causing the death of four American citizens, including the Ambassador of the United States to Libya.

Listed entities and individuals become subject to the Al-Qaida Sanctions Regime pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 2161 (2014), which includes asset freezes, travel bans and an arms embargo. Any individual or entity that provides financial or material support to the two entities, including the provision of arms or recruits, is eligible to be added to the Al- Qaida Sanctions List and subject to the sanctions measures.

Security Council Press Release

Narrative Summaries of Reasons for Listing of Entities Associated with Al-Qaida

UNSC Resolution 2161 (2014)