The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Gord Miller, recently released his 2006/2007 annual report, titled “Reconciling Our Priorities.” The wide-ranging report outlines key environmental issues facing the province, highlights important MOE decisions from the past year and recommends improvements to Ontario’s environmental regulatory regime, including these: the MOE should minimize the cumulative effects of new emitters entering heavily burdened airsheds by, for example, more frequently updating emission limits in existing air approvals in the area; modifications should be made to the provincial licensing process under the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) to ensure that licences will not be issued where the aggregate extraction interferes with natural heritage or source water protection; the Ontario government should introduce legislation that sets targets and timelines for rehabilitating quarries and pits, particularly where extraction licences for those areas were granted before the ARA came into force; and the MOE should develop regulatory standards that would allow the land application of certain stable “pathogen-free” sewage biosolids. For more information, please see