In a statement released October 24 , the Obama Administration launched a new interagency "subcommittee" of the National Science and Technology Council to review privacy and Internet policy, which may include review of healthcare privacy issues. The working group will focus primarily on individual privacy issues associated with the Internet and related online systems, to "develop principles and strategic directions with the goal of fostering consensus in legislative, regulatory, and international Internet policy realms."

Consisting of representatives of eleven federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and eight executive organizations, the subcommittee promises to work closely with private stakeholders in developing a set of core principles to, among other things, facilitate transparency, promote cooperation, empower individual decision-making and build trust in online environments, while at the same time protect the rule of law, promote innovation and economic expansion and balance the interests of stakeholders.

The identities of the private stakeholders to be invited, the schedule of the group's meetings and the transparency of the subcommittee's deliberations have yet to be determined or announced by the administration.