As reported last week, we had a very special interview on the Ramble with Gene Kalsky, CEO of Gen-Kal Pipe & Steel Corporation. Mr. Kalsky is the self-made businessman who was slapped with a $12,500,000 judgment for a seemingly technical violation of the TCPA’s fax rules. That interview is now live on Episode 18 of the Ramble.

Listen in for a poignant interview in which Mr. Kalsky discusses the fairness of the judgment:

How can our legal system allow a law to get so skewed that they’re going to ruin a man’s life, his business, his nine employee’s lives, and you’re going to take him broke over one piece of paper?

And the impact the judgment has had on Mr. Kalsky’s life:

I can’t tell you how this has impacted my life. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat right. I think about it constantly. . . And even if I win this appeal, I still lose. My business is in pieces. I’m going to hope to pick it up. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees. And I’m 62 years old. This is not how I thought my retirement would look like.

This is the kind of stuff that will really make you think about how out-of-whack things can get in TCPAland. Hope you enjoy the podcast.