The Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA“) has published its annual report for 2014.

In terms of the statistics, in 2014, the ASA received 37,073 complaints overall, a rise of 19 per cent from 2013. The ASA attributed this increase in complaints to a small number of ads, each which prompted a high level of complaints. (The top ten most complained about ads in 2014 can be found here.) Internet ads received more complaints than TV ads for the first time, with an increase in complaints of 35% from 2014. This can be attributed to the rise in social media, as consumers can coordinate their complaints and express them to a wider public.

In terms of the overall message, the report’s title is clear: “Having more impact, being more proactive”.  The ASA Chairman confirms that the focus is on working effectively and keeping the interests of the consumer in mind, with the ASA’s ambition cited in the report as being “to make every UK ad a responsible ad”. The report can be found here and gives a good and interesting insight into the strategy for seeking to deliver on this ambition.