The following changes to Design and Access Statements came into force on 25 June 2013 via the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) (Amendment) Order 2013.

Design and Access Statements (DAS) are now only required for applications relating to "major developments" or developments of new dwellings or buildings with a floorspace that is greater than 100 square metres in a conservation area or a world heritage site. An application is for “major development” where it involves working with minerals, waste development or on a site likely to house ten or more residential dwellings, buildings of 1,000 square metres or more, or of one hectare or more.

The required content of a DAS has also been amended to remove the need to explain the principles and concepts applied to scale, layout and appearance and to explain how access features will be maintained.

By simplifying the content of a DAS, the requirements are intended to be more proportionate to the proposed development, without reducing statutory requirements at the cost of good design and convenience.

In addition, reduced requirements for Design and Access Statements for the development of listed buildings have also been introduced via the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2013.