At FSA’s September Board meeting, it made several new rules:  

  • the Handbook Administration (No 15) Instrument 2009: this makes minor changes to many parts of the Handbook, mainly from 6 October. However, some changes, to SYSC on the remuneration code and to the Glossary and COMP in respect of building society transfers, do not take effect until dates in 2010. The changes also apply transitional provisions in respect of the changes to approved persons rules that took effect in August and make clear the recent extension of CFs 1 and 2 do not apply where the relevant parent or holding company is itself UK or EEA-regulated;  
  • the Companies Act 2006 (Consequential Handbook Amendments No 3) Instrument 2009: this updates various parts of the Handbook in line with changes as the Companies Act 2006 comes into force;  
  • the BCOBS (Amendment) and Consequential Amendments Instruments 2009: this takes effect mainly on 1 November and gives more rules and guidance to firms as well as some transitional provisions for compliance with parts of BCOBS;  
  • the Payment Services (Transitioning Firms) Instrument 2009: this also takes effect on 1 November and amends DISP in respect of firms that provide payment services under the PSR transitional provisions; and  
  • the LR (Amendment No 3) Instrument 2009: this takes effect partly on 6 October 2009 and partly on 6 April 2010 and amends the Glossary and LR to add definitions related to premium and standard listing.  

FSA also approved a FOS instrument on case fees in respect of payment institutions that takes effect from 1 November. Finally, FSA made changes to PERG and BSOG to update them and replace out-of-date cross-references.