In his Notice 123 dated 10 April 2009, the prime minister:

  • approved in principle Vietnam Airlines’ plans to sell two Fokker 70 and to purchase 10 Airbus aeroplanes and a single Boeing B787-9 in the 2011-14 period;  
  • approved the proposal that Vietnam Airlines join SkyTeam in 2010;  
  • allowed Vietnam Airlines to co-operate with enterprises of the MOD to use the land and human resources managed by the MOD for the purpose of developing aviation facilities for the aviation industry’s continued growth; and  
  • permitted Vietnam Airlines to work with other foreign and Vietnamese corporations to deploy aviation projects.  

He also issued his approval for Vietnam Airlines to carry out various tasks in accordance with the equitisation plan that he approved, including the task of selecting the most suitable time to sell and offer its shares to strategic investors.