On 4 October, EIOPA issued its Single Programming Document 2017 - 2019. The document states that EIOPA will focus on three main strategic priorities: enhancing supervisory convergence; reinforcing preventive consumer protection; and preserving financial stability.

Section II of the document sets out the relevant strategic objectives and actions and the direction of the developments of EIOPA for the period 2017 - 2019. It identifies four multi-annual objectives: (1) to strengthen the protection of consumers; (2) to improve the functioning of the EU internal market in the field of pensions and insurance; (3) to strengthen the financial stability of the insurance and occupational pensions sectors; and (4) to ensure that EIOPA is a responsible, competent and professional organisation. It sets out its key performance indicators and strategic actions for achieving each of these objectives. It also provides an overview of its human and financial resource outlook for 2017 2019.

The second part outlines the tasks EIOPA will perform in 2017. EIOPA states that its defined priorities for 2017 are: in relation to consumer protection, enhancing a risk based and preventive approach to conduct risk; in relation to policy, installing an evidence based policy feedback loop; in relation to oversight, development of a riskassessment framework; in relation to financial stability, developing EIOPA's data management capacities; and in relation to corporate support, reinforcing legal and technical expertise.

A link to the SPD is here.