Regarding the collection of stamp tax when making the registration for Chinese patent, CNIPA issued an announcement on August 12, 2019 that CNIPA would stop the patent stamp tax withholding and collection since August 25, 2019, due to the adjustments made to the stamp tax collection business by CNIPA and taxation department. Taxpayers shall pay the stamp tax in accordance with the relevant provisions made by the state tax authorities from August 25, 2019.

On September 12, 2019, CNIPA issued a new announcement where it is decided that CNIPA shall resume the withholding and collection of stamp tax on patent and integrated circuit layout from September 16, 2019, in order to facilitate the patentee and the exclusive right holder to pay stamp tax according to law. For the stamp tax that has not been paid before September 16, 2019, it can go through the original payment channel after September 16, 2019.

According to the above announcement, please kindly note that our firm would resume the payment of the stamp tax on patent since September 16, 2019, and would go through the remedial payment formalities for the stamp tax that hasn’t been paid before September 16, 2019.