Statistics published by the Commission for 2008 reveal that the Commission reached 307 unconditional Phase I decisions last year. This number represents a 16% drop in unconditional Phase I clearances over the 2007 figure. Of these 307 Phase I decisions reached in 2008, some 61.5% were cleared under the simplified procedure; in 2007 that statistic was 65.1%. As regards conditional clearance in Phase I, the Commission granted this in respect of 19 cases in 2008, representing a rise of just one when compared to the 2007 level.

 Ten Phase II investigations were opened by the Commission in 2008, marking a 28% drop as against the number of Phase II investigations underway in 2007. Of the Phase II decisions actually reached in 2008, five were cleared with conditions and nine were cleared unconditionally. The Commission did not prohibit any mergers submitted to it for approval in the course of 2008.