ALJ Rogers denied Respondent Realtek Semiconductor Corporation's ("Realtek") motion to file high priority objections and motion in limine out of time in Inv. No. 337-TA-749, Certain Liquid Crystal Display Devices, Including Monitors, Televisions, and Modules, and Components Thereof.  In Realtek's motion, Realtek states that its high priority objections and motion in limine were inadvertently delivered to the ITC mailroom rather than to docket services.  Realtek states that upon learning of the errant delivery they filed their high priority objections electronically via EDIS at 5:32pm, fifteen minutes late, and their motion in limine first thing the next morning.  Realtek argued that there was no prejudice to any party because the documents were all timely served via email.  Citing Court Rule 1.8, ALJ Rogers denied Realtek's motion finding that Realtek had not shown good cause for an extension.  ALJ Rogers reminded the parties that while he "understand[s] that there are many deadlines that the parties must meet as they prepare for hearing; [] it is poor practice to wait until the last minute to file documents and then seek relief when the documents are not properly filed or otherwise deficient."