After becoming the 50th state to pass a concealed carry law last year, Illinois has begun accepting applications for concealed carry licenses from individuals wishing to carry a firearm in public. This major change in firearms policy should be examined carefully by Illinois employers who must respond to several critical questions raised by the new law.

The application process opened in January, and the Illinois State Police has up to 90 days to either issue or deny applications. Under this timeframe, employers could start seeing guns in the workplace immediately.

Here are some questions that all employers should be considering:

  • Do we want to prohibit firearms at our workplace?
  • If so, do we own or rent our building?
  • If we rent, does the property owner approve of the prohibition? 
  • Do we have the necessary signage that notifies our employees about the prohibition?
  • If we do not wish to prohibit firearms in our work place, what possible liability do we face in the event of gun violence?
  • Do our existing policies on weapons comply with the new law?