Legislative Proposal No. 235/XII, of 12 June 2014

Legislative Proposal No. 235/XII, on the special regime applicable to deferred tax assets arising from the non deduction of costs and negative asset variations with impairment losses in claims and post-retirement or long term benefits of employees, was published in the site of the Parliament.

Persons subject to corporate income tax who wish to join this regime must express their intention to the Tax and Customs Authority until the 10th day after the publication of the Decree-Law that may come to be enacted, in Diário da República (Portuguese official gazette).

Legislative Proposal No. 238/XII, of 19 June 2014

Legislative Proposal No. 238/XII, on the legal regime of the operation and playing of on- line gambling games, was approved by the Council of Ministers.

With regard to tax matters, it should be highlighted the authorization granted to the Government to amend the Corporate Income Tax Code and the TGIS and to legislate on the tax regime applicable to the gambling activities foreseen herein.

Ministry of Finance – Office of the Secretary of State of Tax Matters Decree No. 247/2014, of 30 June

Postponing until the 1st October 2014 the obligation to use invoicing software certified by the Tax Authorities to which the taxpayers that use invoicing software produced internally or by companies of the same economic gro up are obliged.