On 25 April 2016, the European Commission published a roadmap for its evaluation on the Consumer Rights Directive (the Directive). The Directive had to be transposed into the national laws of members states by December 2013 and a report on its application is due in December 2016. The report on the roadmap will influence other directives, including those relating to unfair contract terms, sales of consumer goods and associated guarantees, unfair business-to-consumer practices, price indication and misleading and comparative advertising.

The Directive is intended to achieve a high level of consumer protection across the EU and assist consumers by harmonising certain laws across member states. The intended effect is to stimulate cross-border competition, reduce administration and provide consumers with a wider range of choice and at a lower price. The Directive’s purpose is also to increase consumer confidence so they can buy cross-border and ascertain a uniform level of protection between member states.

The roadmap in particular will assess how well the Directive performs against criteria like efficiency, coherence, relevance and added value. The roadmap itself will examine certain issues in particular, including the rules on digital content and new rules on delivery and the passing of risk.

It is anticipated that the evaluation is due to be completed in the first quarter of 2017.