House of Commons Library: Local government – Alternative models of service delivery: this research briefing looks at the policy and legislative background to new forms of service delivery being implemented by English local authorities. These include:  the use of shared services; outsourcing to private or voluntary providers; local authority trading companies and mutuals; and the development of place-based sharing of services via ‘community budgets’ and via the 2015-16 Devolution Deals. For each model, it gives examples plus links to relevant statistical sources. The briefing also includes notes on research that has been conducted on shared services, outsourcing, and trading. (27 April 2016)

SOLACE: Transforming services, transforming leadership: this report examines the views of Solace members on the current and future local government priorities and key drivers. It gives examples of best practice and innovation, and the future of local government finance and devolution, outlining some clear and important messages to the sector. (29 April 2016)