In its May 5, 2009 Fourth Report and Order in the Broadcasting Diversity Proceeding, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) modified its rules relating to the submission of biennial ownership reports and, among other things, adopted a uniform, November 1 biennial filing deadline to replace the system of rolling deadlines tied to stations' renewal anniversaries. In its May 5 item, however, the Commission did not specify whether its new rules superseded the upcoming June 1, August 1 and October 1, 2009 biennial ownership reporting deadlines.

On Friday, May 29, the FCC released an Order delaying the requirement to file biennial ownership reports before November 1, 2009. Stations with upcoming biennial reporting obligations may now wait and file their ownership reports on November 1, 2009.

As a reminder, comments are due in this proceeding by June 26, 2009, and reply comments are due by July 13, 2009.

A copy of the Order is available here.