The Tribunal Service has published new guidance Reports for Mental Health Tribunals.

The practice direction from Lord Carnwath, the Senior President of tribunals, sets out the questions that all reports must answer but this new booklet is intended to explain these requirements in a way that is easy to comply with and to answer questions. The Tribunal Service hopes that this will improve the quality of the evidence provided to tribunal judges and members and avoid the need for hearings to be adjourned due to late or inadequate reports.  

Please note the following:  

  • The Tribunal Service now only requires four copies of the reports to be sent to them (rather than six previously).
  • The Tribunal Service is encouraging reports to be sent by secure email ( emails are secure). If this is not possible they are asking for them to be sent by Royal Mail. The fax number should only be used in emergencies, for example if the report is for a hearing in the next two days.