When it comes to trademark infringement in Vietnam, numbers are high: 270 of the more than 3.600 cases investigated during the month of January of 2017 by the Hanoi Authority Bodies have proven to be cases of trademark infringement. The authorities are determined to continue conducting unscheduled check at any time and with any suspicious target to control the post-Lunar New Year market situation.

The early days before the Lunar New Year usually constitute one of the peak periods for counterfeiting activities. According to the Market Surveillance Agency (MSA), in the first month of 2017, they have checked 2.025 cases and 1.852 of them are commercial infringements, especially in relation to food safety, fake pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food cases. Notably, among the 23.982 checked business establishment which have signed the commitment against commercial infringement, 8.676 of them are actually infringers.

Mr. Chu Xuan Kien, Head of the Hanoi MSA Department stated that those infringers have changed their business method and are no longer exclusively using large capacity vehicles to deliver the goods; instead, they are starting use the smaller ones, for example the motorbikes or tricycles to deliver the infringing products to small hideout spots, which are located inside traditional markets or the residential areas surrounding for easy dispersing the goods and avoiding the surveys from the authorities.

Despite the clever methods used by the infringing businesses, the MSA and the Steering Committee for prevention of counterfeiting (BCD 389) are preparing for the next steps, including 24/7 surveying and focusing on important areas such as main transportation routes, commercial centers, wholesale markets for checking and handling the infringements. Besides, the government bodies will cooperate with the border forces, police and custom departments to control the business activities in key smuggling area, especially the Northern border provinces, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Tay Ninh and An Giang.

[Source: Ha Noi Moi]