The Assisted Dying Bill 2014 (UK) was introduced into the House of Lords in the United Kingdom for the first reading on 15 May 2013.  The Bill was referred to the Committee stage on 18 July 2014 for further debate.

The Bill proposes to legalise physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in England and Wales.  Under the Bill, competent adults who are terminally ill may be able to end their lives with specified assistance.  The Bill is based on legislation from the United States that allows a patient with six months to live to be given a prescription for lethal drugs.

Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed concern about the Bill ‘legalising euthanasia’, however has vowed not to stand in its way. 

The Bill is currently before the House of Lords and is not expected to move to the House of Commons before May 2015.

To view the Bill, click here.