The California Senate Insurance Committee has given unanimous approval to two bills that are based on NAIC model laws relating to reinsurance and insurance holding companies. The Department of Insurance testified in support of both bills at the committee’s April 25 hearing on the measures. There was no opposition to either bill.

Senate Bill 1216 (Lowenthal) would conform California law to the 2011 version of the NAIC Credit for Reinsurance Model Law

SB 1216 would allow the insurance commissioner to designate a domestic insurer as a professional reinsurer if the insurer is principally engaged in the business of reinsurance and meets other requirements; the designation would affect the credit that is granted for reinsurance provided by the professional reinsurer. SB 1216 would establish new requirements for an insurer’s reinsurance contracts in order for the insurer to obtain credit for reinsurance. The bill also would introduce new regulatory standards for allowing an insurer to get credit for reinsurance as an asset or a deduction from liability.

Senate Bill 1448 (Calderon) would conform California law to the 2010 version of the NAIC Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Model Act. Among other things, SB 1448 would:

  1. require the board of directors of an insurer that is part of a holding company system to file a statement affirming that the board is responsible for overseeing corporate governance and internal controls,
  2. authorize the insurance commissioner to evaluate the enterprise risk related to an insurer that is part of a holding company, and
  3. require an insurer that is part of a holding company to obtain regulatory approval of amendments to affiliate agreements that were previously filed.

SB 1216 and SB 1448 are pending before the Senate Appropriations Committee.