A new report by the Climate Group in partnership with the University of Michigan finds significant potential for job creation and revenue growth in the Midwest over the next five years from the manufacture of three low-carbon technologies.

The report, "American Innovation: Manufacturing Low Carbon Technologies in the Midwest," which uses economic research from Deloitte, estimates that climate and energy policies could create up to 100,000 new jobs in the Midwest, and generate additional market revenues of up to $12 billion, boosting state and local tax revenues by over $800 million by 2015. These gains were estimated from policy-assisted growth in the wind turbine component, hybrid powertrain, and advanced battery manufacturing sectors in the Midwest.

In Ohio, climate and energy policies could create over 22,000 new jobs, $3.2 billion in additional market revenues and more than $148 million in state and local tax revenue from the three low-carbon sectors by 2015, according to the report.