On 15 June 2010, the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet), the central Registry for .HR domain names, introduced new regulations concerning .COM.HR and .HR domain names.  

As a result, the registration and management of Croatian domain names, previously handled by CARNet directly, are now to be dealt with by accredited registrars. This means that, at the time of their renewal, all existing domain names will have to be transferred from CARNet to an accredited registrar.  

Domain name registrations under the .COM.HR extension are unrestricted, and a local billing contact is no longer required, thus any entity may register a .COM.HR domain name. CARNet also announced that it is now possible for Croatian companies to register a total of ten .HR domain names, whereas previously only one .HR domain name was allowed per company.  

With any announcement such as this by a domain name Registry, it is possible that some third parties will take the opportunity to register any available domain names that may infringe trade mark holders' intellectual property rights.  

Considering the changes to the registration and management of Croatian domain names, Anchovy News readers are advised to ensure that their Croatian domain name portfolio is secure and that their domain name renewals are being dealt with according to the new registrar system.  

To visit the CARNet website please go to: http://www.carnet.hr/en.