Consumers are being warned about potential fire risk associated with lithium batteries

Lenovo has expanded its original recall notice on 27.3.14 on its ThinkPad batteries in the interests of public safety.

Lenovo has received reports that some battery packs have overheated and damaged computers, and surrounding property.

One consumer reported burn marks on clothing.

The recall relates to affected lithium-ion batteries worldwide which were manufactured to use with ThinkPad notebook computers that were produced and shipping between February 2000 and June 2012.

Customers are being offered free replacement batteries in place of the recalled batteries. Lenovo states that the affected model numbers are:  Edge 11, Edge 13, Edge 14, Edge 15, Edge 120, Edge 125, Edge 320, Edge 325, Edge 420, Edge 425, Edge 430, Edge 520, Edge 525, Edge 530; X200, X201, X200S, X201S, X220, X220T, X100E, X120E, X121E, X130E; T410, T420, T510, T520; W510, W520; L412, L420/421, L512, L520; T430 (China and Europe only); X131E (Australia only)

Consumers have been advised to remove affected batteries from ThinkPads and only to use them with the AC adapter and power cord.

The manufacturer has issued a set of FAQs for consumers

Solicitor Thomas Jervis in the product liability team at Leigh Day said:

“We represent a number of clients who have experienced fires thought to be caused by laptops”

“Consumers should be able to expect that the products they use are safe”