SEC Chair Discusses the Robust Use of Civil and Criminal Actions to Police the Markets. In a speech at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Compliance & Legal Society Annual Seminar, SEC Chair Mary Jo White discussed current trends in the use of civil and criminal actions to police the markets. In her speech, Chair White emphasized the importance of all-encompassing securities law enforcement -- the appropriate, but vigorous, use of criminal, civil, and regulatory tools to enforce the securities laws. She explained that there are no tools more powerful than a criminal conviction and the prospect and reality of imprisonment. She also noted that in most criminal securities fraud prosecutions, SEC Enforcement works closely with the Department of Justice, the FBI, and state and local law enforcement. (3/31/2014)

OSC report on cross-border implementation. The Ontario Securities Commission published a report by the OTC Derivatives Regulators Group on cross-border implementation issues. The report identifies the current list of remaining cross-border implementation issues, a summary of their status, and a timetable for addressing each issue. (3/31/2014) OSC news release.