According to multiple reports, Senator Graham (R-SC) has told environmentalists that any climate legislation that includes a cap and trade program is “dead.” The trio of Senators—Graham, Kerry (D-MA), and Lieberman (I-CT)—now plan to introduce legislation that will include a sector-by-sector approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The three sectors receiving discrete treatment are expected to be electric utilities, manufacturing, and transportation. The bill is expected to include incentives for new nuclear plants and coal-fired power plants built with carbon capture and storage technology. The overall emissions target will be 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. The three Senators are working around the clock this week with fence-sitters in an effort to build a piece of legislation that is capable of obtaining 60 “yes” votes in the Senate. As Senator Kerry said last week, “It will be different from anything that's been put on the table in the House or Senate to date.”