Following various updates which were introduced in the recent months, as reported in our previous client updates, Google continues with introducing additional important updates to its Google Play developer policies:

  • Guidance for apps that seek to monetize the lockscreen - according to the updated policy, apps that are not developed exclusively for lockscreen purposes may not introduce ads or features that monetize the locked display of a device
  • Clarification for program requirements for Designed for Families - apps that target child audiences are prohibited from using Google API Service that accesses data associated with a Google Account. This new restriction includes Google Play Games Services as well as any other Google API Services using the OAuth technology for or authentication and authorization. Additionally, apps that target both children and older audiences (mixed audience), should not require users to sign in to a Google Account, but can offer this option, for example, Google Sign-In or Google Play Games Services as an optional feature. In these cases, users must be able to access the application in its entirety without signing into a Google Account
  • Content rating guidelines for unrated apps - Since August 2017, Google Play requires that every app will be rated according to the IARC rating by filling out this questionnaire. According to the revised policy, any changes to the app content or features that affect the responses to the rating questionnaire must be followed by submitting a new content rating questionnaire in the Play Console.