With effect from March 2012 employers are required to comply with the following obligations:

  • obtain employees’ written consent to teleworking by having them sign an employment contract or an addendum to the employment contract;
  • have detailed procedures for monitoring employees’ working time in the employment contract (in the absence of a provision within the applicable collective bargaining agreement);
  • bear all the teleworking‑related costs (e.g. subscription to the Internet);
  • inform the employees of any restrictions relating to the use of computer equipment and sanctions for failure to comply with those restrictions;
  • give teleworking employees priority to take an unrelated teleworking position that is appropriate for their skills and experience;
  • have an annual meeting with employees to address any issues on work conditions and workload;
  • set time schedules during which teleworking employees can be contacted.

The teleworking provisions are now mandatory for all employers doing business in France.

Source: Jeantet et Associés