Comments are due Wednesday on the bipartisan, bicameral draft legislation to establish a federal-level track-and-trace system, and federal-level licensing, for participants in the pharmaceutical distribution chain. Since the draft's release on Oct. 24, stakeholders have been analyzing the draft. The legislation would initially establish only a lot -- or batch -- level drug pedigree requirement. However, the draft would require every bottle of pills or vial of drugs in a lot to be labeled with a unique identifier of its own so that it can be traced back to the manufacturer lot. A key area of interest to national manufacturers and wholesalers has been to have uniform federal standards. On this issue the draft offers that "no State or political subdivision of a State may establish or continue in effect any requirements... which are inconsistent with, more stringent than, or in addition to, any requirements applicable under this Act." This could negate California's state law set to be fully implemented in 2015. There are four options laid out for wholesaler licensing, including one that is similar to the California pedigree rules.