Over the summer, several cities considered and even passed a $25.00 minimum wage for healthcare workers.

The Cities of Inglewood and Duarte sent the ordinances for consideration to voters. Only the City of Inglewood measure was successful

The new $25.00 minimum wage applies to private-sector healthcare workers who work in hospitals, integrated health systems, and dialysis clinics in Inglewood.

The new minimum wage will apply to clinicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, aides, technicians, maintenance workers, janitorial or housekeeping staff, groundskeepers, guards, food services workers, laundry workers, and pharmacists but does not include managers or supervisors.

The ordinance will then have to go through the process of being affirmed by the City Council and will take effect 30 days after approval by the Council.

Since the summer, Los Angeles and Long Beach’s health worker minimum wage have been suspended pending ballot measures in 2023.