The SEC has updated its EDGAR Filer Manual to document changes being made to accommodate Regulation A+ under the JOBS Act.

EDGAR will be updated to add Regulation A submission form types DOS, DOS/A, DOSLTR, 1-A, 1-A/A, 1-A POS, 1-A-W, 1-A-W/A, 253G1, 253G2, 253G3, 253G4, 1-K, 1-K/A, 1-SA, 1-SA/A, 1-U, 1-U/A, 1-Z, 1-Z/A, 1-Z-W, and 1-Z-W/A.

“DOS” stands for “draft offering statement.”  Issuers who qualify to submit draft offering statements under Regulation A must prepare and submit their draft offering statements using submission form types DOS and DOS/A. Issuers must submit correspondences related to draft offering statements using the submission type, “Draft Offering Statement Letter.”

New filers will now be able to select the “Regulation A” option on the Form ID application to indicate that they are submitting an application for EDGAR access to file draft offering statements. If filers have an assigned Central Index Key (CIK), they must use the existing CIK to file draft offering statements.