The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has issued a help note in relation to the marketing of wind energy developments, including wind farms and wind turbines.  The help note focuses on claims which may be made in marketing communications in relation to the developments themselves, and the efficiency of wind energy. It also looks at any social or economic impacts that such developments may have, and the effects of these on the environment.

CAP emphasises the importance of the accuracy of information and calculations used in the marketing of wind energy developments.  This may include information in relation to the capacity of a development, emissions reductions, the locality that may benefit from such developments and the impact on the community that a development may have.  Guidance is also given specifically in relation to portraying information which relates to potential concerns.  This includes the impact that a development may have in relation to house prices, environmental concerns, health consequences that may arise and also other economic factors which may be affected, all of which may be legitimate concerns for those in areas surrounding a proposed development.

The note largely advises that any information being distributed should be based on sound and robust information, with mechanisms in place to calculate such information.  The note also offers examples of equations and calculations that can be used in this analysis.  It is particularly stressed that the information given should not be misleading or should not mis-represent the development that is being proposed or the consequences or benefits of such a development.

Compliance with the CAP Code will help facilitate compliance of non-broadcast marketing communications with The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the CAP Code). 

The full help note can be accessed here.