Environment Canada has published a Notice of Intent to further amend the Domestic Substances List to mandate that the following 25 substances (identified by CAS number) be subject to new (or additional) Significant New Activity pre-import/manufacture notification obligations:


72-43-5 87-86-5 1582-09-8
1897-45-6 1912-24-9 3691-35-8
51-03-6 62-73-7 76-06-2
87-90-1 88-30-2 94-75-7
133-06-2 133-07-3 333-41-5
584-79-2 2921-88-2 8001-58-9
8003-34-7 10453-86-8 10605-21-7
12069-69-1 13356-08-6 20543-04-8


“Activities” with these substances in excess of 100 kg per year in Canada will be subject to the following notification requirement under the New Substances Notification Regulations (Chemicals and Polymers) NSNR, no later than 90 days prior to the day the 100 kg activity threshold is met:

  • a description of the proposed “significant new activity”;
  • Schedule 4 of the NSNR information, including environment and human health hazard assessment and disclosures of the substance regulation elsewhere; and
  • historical and current exposure risks.

The Notice of Intent was issued on November 12th, 2016, commencing a final 60 day comment period for industry. Submissions may be made to Program Development and Engagement Division of Environment Canada.

With these additional substances newly subject to the NSNR, this brings the total number of substances mandated for notification close to 500.