Further Regulations amending the non-domestic and domestic RHI have been made

The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme and Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2015 were made on 6 July 2015.  They amend and improve both the RHI schemes to reflect industry developments such as:

  • The introduction of EU energy labelling requirements from September (for more information see this DECC policy document)
  • Updated MCS standards
  • Clarifying the biomass sustainability reporting requirements which come into force on 5 October
  • Improving the formula for forecasting biomethane deployment to reflect the fact that plants coming on-line can take around 6 months to reach full production
  • Giving Ofgem power to reject applications for the RHI scheme if the applicant fails to provide requested further information within a specified period (of not less than 12 weeks).

This Written Statement to Parliament by Lord Bourne, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, is a good explanation and summary of the changes that the Regulations make.