A Chinese company has sued Dutch retailers Blokker B.V. and Leen Bakker for selling a party tent which might have been copied from the Chinese design. The case involves a party tent with a butterfly-like shape that Zhejiang Zhengte sells worldwide. Blokker and Leen Bakker sold an exact copy, bearing the name Le Sud.

The court in Hague had the oral hearing in early October and the judgment will be rendered on Nov 2 if the two parties cannot come to a settlement by themselves within a week.

"At the time the legal proceedings were initiated, Zhejiang Zhengte knew only about Blokker and Leen Bakker selling the sunscreens. Zhejiang Zhengte did not know who the producer is, or if the producer is based in the Netherlands". said the Dutch patent firm that represents the Chinese company.

"It cannot be excluded that Zhejiang Zhengte on the one hand and Leen Bakker and Blokker on the other hand enter into a settlement agreement before that date. We will wait for the judgment, and cannot reveal too much about the case before the judgment will be rendered. Should a settlement be agreed upon, there will be no more need for a judgment," the representative attorney added.