The civil procedures law give the lawyer the right in any Litigation in Dubai or in any other emirates in the UAE to file at least two objections against any of the court judgment. The first objection should be to the appeal court and the second one could be to the Supreme Court.

The objection grace period depends on the type of the case. E.g., the legal consultant has the right to appeal in the criminal cases within two weeks from the date of the judgment. The criminal procedures law gives the Advocates in Dubai the right to raise the petition to the high court within 30 days from the date of the criminal appeal judgment. However, such period will be given to the UAE lawyers on behalf of their clients should be different in civil cases. As the right to appeal in civil cases has to be practised by Dubai lawyers within 30 days and cessation petition shall be done within 60 days. The same period is given to the lawyers in Dubai for Commercial and family disputes.

These periods applied by the Federal Civil Procedure laws which means that it applies to the courts in the seven emirates. And the same period is given to all lawyers in UAE to submit their petition regardless the appeal in which courts.

The procedures to object vary on the case type. E.g. it is common for criminal lawyers in Dubai to object to the criminal judgement in criminal cases by signing a request for an appeal in court to set a new date even before getting the details of the judgment. Then within the appeal first hearing date, the Dubai Lawyers shall submit a statement of appeal. Which could be drafted by the same lawyer or by any legal consultant holding a license to practice law in the same firm. All legal consultants in Dubai shall not practice law unless they are holding an individual license to advise in the UAE. Such license should be renewed in an annual basis after the legal consultant gets few courses.

Lawyers in Dubai, expat or local lawyers holding special license qualifying them for the same privileges. So if you are planning to appoint a lawyer in UAE it is much better to check if he got a proper license or not.